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Civil Forfeiture Reforms

Today, 16 states require a criminal conviction to forfeit property, while four states have abolished the practice outright. Since 2014, 37 states and Washington, D.C. have enacted reforms. 

State Reform Efforts

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Legislative Highlights for Civil Forfeiture

Ended civil forfeiture and only use criminal forfeiture:
Required criminal conviction for civil forfeiture:
Require the government to always bear the burden of proof for innocent-owner claims
Closed the equitable-sharing loophole

Model Legislation

Our Goal:

End Civil Forfeiture

We are the Institute for Justice, a non-profit civil liberties law firm that defends private property rights across the country.

The Institute for Justice aims to curtail, and ultimately, abolish civil forfeiture, one of the gravest abuses of power in the country today. IJ has filed more than two dozen cases challenging civil forfeiture nationwide. In 2019, IJ secured a landmark victory at the U.S. Supreme Court when it ruled unanimously in Timbs v. Indiana that the Eight Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause protects Americans against state and local forfeitures.